Hello everyone,

I had some initial success recently in building a custom Kali image with additional tools. I would now like to do some changes for which I believe need to be done in the boot stage (judging by reading the Debian live manual). Namely:

  • I'd like to change the user the Kali will auto-boot with (I don't want it to be root)
  • I'd like to change my keyboard layout
  • I'd possibly like it to behave as forensic boot (I found another post on this forum partially describing how to do it)

I believe most of these settings are done by calling
lb config --bootappend-live "boot=live components username=live-user..."
and some other options for changing locale and keyboard layout. My problem is that doing so before calling the build.sh script does not change anything when booting the Kali from burned USB (still root and still US keyboard). Right now I'm testing a setup with changed Kali script which conains the call to lb config (I believe it is situated in the auto folder - I'm currently not at my machine), but the script says it shouldn't be manually changed. This means even if the solution works, it is not the proper one and there should be a better one.

Can anyone please help with this?

Thank you,