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Thread: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling no HDMI audio, help!

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    Kali GNU/Linux Rolling no HDMI audio, help!

    Hi everybody, I've been looking all over the place for a solution to fix my audio problem and still could not solve my issue, so you actually are my last chance
    PS: The audio is working only when I plug in my headset. I'm using HDMI audio from my ATI - Radeon HD5450.

    I'll tell you what I've already tried:

    1. Raising volume levels from ALSA GNOME (Blank screen under ATI Radeon): Screen here
    2. Editing my pulseaudio settings: Here is my /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file
    3. Setting up alsamixer to edit audio levels Here's what I see
    4. Countless other useless things that I forgot in the meanwhile.

    Thank you in avance!

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    systemctl --user enable pulseaudio && systemctl --user start pulseaudio

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    I had already tried it and didn't succeed.

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