Hi, I hope I can find help here

I need to use older version of kernel, because wifi dongle I use, has drivers only for kernel version 3.something and 4.1-4.8. Now I am running with KALI 2016.2 (current stable version), which has kernel 4.6.0.

Where I can get the headers? I cannot compile my driver without that.
I ran through many forums and articles, but everyone says blah blah, update, blah ... I simply can not.
I looked also into Kali source list ( http://http.kali.org/kali/pool/main/l/linux/ ), but from there, I can not install anything because o dependencies. Also if I install dkms, it will automatically install headers for 4.9.0 kernel.

So, any solution please? Has someone correct deb packages, and can provide?

Thanks in advance