Hey there,
I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (16GB SD CARD). Firstly I installed Raspbian, everything worked perfectly. I whiped all Data ,cleared partitions, etc. and burned the Kali Imgae (especially for 2/3) on the SD Card. No Problems. But when i started it, the green and the red lamp are glowing, but i cannot get a signal via my HDMI Cable. When u look inside of my pies system (folders) I only can see Folders like "Overlays" or the Kernel Imagaes. I reinstalled it many times and the Checksum is also korrekt. My Router also does not realize, that there is a pi in the network when i plug it inside my router via a LAN cable so the installation definetly failed.
Everytime when i repeat this process i get the same result. I searchesd trough many forums but i did not find anything. So I hope someone can help me fix my Problem.

Best Greetings