Hi all,

Thank you for doing Kali the best distro for security.

I've been using Kali since you were Backtrack, however, starting with the rolling release I'm having issues with my old laptop. That is a HP nx6125 with AMD Turion CPU and Broadcom wireless card.

The issue is that fan becomes very noisy and high CPU percents are very frecuent, It is sometimes unusable. I've read in some forums that is a kernel issue, most of them detected on Ubuntu based distros, but I didn't have any issue using Kali 2.0 (Debian Jessy based). What are my options? I've got the same behavior using x86 and x64 versions. I don't want to become obsolote staying at 2.0 ;-)

Also, another issue I've seen is that the broadcom wireless is only detected whith the x86 version and the XFCE iso.

Is there any plans to support old cpus when customizing the rolling release? What if I compile my own kernel? Will I have issues because of the rolling updates?

Thanks in advance.