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Thread: Reaver and airmon-ng - No WPA Key - Tests and Solutions

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    Reaver and airmon-ng - No WPA Key - Tests and Solutions

    MTeams has been running tests with reaver and Kali 2016R2 versus kali 1.10a

    As we have reported previously in these forums, many times when a known WPS pin was loaded into the reaver command line, Kali 2016R2 was only able to extract the WPS pin. Reaver would report the WPA key was found however no WPA key was seen in reaver output. However when the same target was attacked thru kali1.10a both the WPS Pin and the WPA Key were found.

    To research this MTeams then ran parrellel attacks on numerous known targets. Kali 2016R2 in most cases was unable to extract the WPA key while Kali 1.10a could successfully extract both WPS pin and WPA Key.

    To find the problem MTeams' RV group pointed to the airmon-ng program. We began testing an older version of airmon-ng circa mon0. When this was done the kali 2016R2 version immediately began obtaining both WPS pin and WPA key against these known targets.

    Therefore if you begin to obtain only the WPS pin and no WPA key with reaver, try using an older version of airmon-ng. There is no reason to use an older version of kali as we previously suggested.

    To avoid a negative one issue place both the device and monitor in mode monitor thru ifconfig and iwconfig just before using. If mon0 is in mode monitor while wlan0 is in mode managed then a -1 negative channel issue will result with aireplay-ng and airodump-ng.


    ifconfig wlan0 down
    iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    ifconfig wlan0 up

    To run airmonold-ng

    Place in root

    Make program executable
    Chmod 755 airmonold-ng

    Run script

    You can download the older airmon-ng version here thru kali or at:

    Musket Teams
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    Much better, thanks for the tip!

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    Been out the game for a minute. Installed new kali and thought I was doing something wrong. Glad i came across this post. thanks

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