Hi all.

I am very fussy about GUIs. I constantly find something which does not fit and it does not feel good.
This includes Themes.

I loved the plain simple UI of the old Kali. Top left application and places, then the window manager, to the right the clock - etc.
Furthermore every color was fitting, the bar was black with white text.

I dont like the Gnome 3 UI and its performace was ... lagging in a VM.

XFCE worked, but development is slooooow. I got a UI that was fitting but at some apt-get dist-upgrade something broke the UI.

I switched to LXDE, I liked it, but the recent update broke the kali menu. Everything is in Other now, no kali-menu. I tried the suggestions from another thread but nothing.

I tried MATE, but the colors of the themes are horrible - I am fussy about that.

How do I get back a simple plain user interface such as the old kali, I think it was gnome 2?
How do I get back a simple theme with fitting colors and good contrast?