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Thread: Surface Pro 4

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    Surface Pro 4

    Wondering if anyones got a typecover patch for the surface pro 4, I am currently turned off the idea of Kali because I need to carry around a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Cheerio. I got the Type Cover of my Surface Pro 4 to work yesterday.

    I'm running kali live on USB stick with persistence.
    In a nutshell:
    - apt-get [upgrade|dist-upgrade].
    The old kernel (4.9.18 or so) did not support the type cover. Because I'm running live with persistence i had to manually create vmlinuz and initrd.img, copy it to the persistence partition, and replace the startup kernel with that version. And Voila - TypeCover works.

    I guess you can also just take one of the weekly builds (lik 2017.2 W29 or something). I didnt try this though.

    Full step-by-step tutorial is here:
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