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Thread: Problems installing Win10 dualboot on laptop

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    Problems installing Win10 dualboot on laptop

    My Laptop is a convertable. Meaning, it has two harddrives. One in the Touchscreen tablet with the CPU and stuff (SSD) and one in the dock (HDD). Windows obviously is installed on the SSD. However I want Kali to be installed on the detachable HDD, as there is no space left on the SSD.

    My Laptop doesn't have a DVD drive. I tried installing Kali via USB. It would have worked, if I wouldn't be constantly getting an "Faluled to determine the codename for the release." Error.

    How do I fix this issue? And by the way, my built-in Elan trackpad isn't wirking in the installer, either. The touchscreen, however is, as well as the keyboard.

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    Create bootable usb in low writing speed. Try this again in terminal.
    $ dd if=kali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=512k
    where sdX may be sdb, sdc (i.e. pendrive).

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    Create bootable USB using rufus.

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