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Thread: Missing nvidia module driver when trying to install nvidia + bumblebee on laptop

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    Missing nvidia module driver when trying to install nvidia + bumblebee on laptop

    Good day,

    I'm trying to get bumblebee installed in my kali system with nvidia so that it makes use of nvidia optimus.
    I'm currently following this guide:

    When I get to the part where I have to do:
    optirun glxspheres64
    First it tells me that bumblebee daemon is not running so I guess I'll have to start the daemon in a startup script on system boot or something. Anyways, I run
    service bumblebeed start
    and that fixes it.

    Although when I run the optirun command I'm getting the following in my terminal:
    [  140.536761] [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)
    [  140.536797] [ERROR]Aborting because fallback start is disabled.
    Now I did try to install the proprietary version of the nvidia driver before but that gave me major headaches, for example xrandr not finding the display.
    Xorg not starting etc... So I removed the nvidia proprietary drivers with the nvidia-cleanup-tool, did a
    sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*
    and afterwards reinstalled both xorg and gnome, reverting to the nouvaeu driver. Which worked.

    Now that my system is working I want to try installing bumblebee, because I understand now that my integrated intel graphics card needs to work together with my dedicated graphics card in order to work properly.

    So what I assume is going on is that I accidentally (or purposefully) removed the nvidia drivers and would need to reinstall them again in order to make it work.
    I would like to install the nvidia drivers from the repo's (which hopefully doesn't alter my xorg.conf in any way because that's working correctly now).

    I did a
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms
    . Which showed me it was already installed.
    Does anyone know exactly which packages they are that I need to install?

    I get a huge amount of output when I do:
    sudo apt-file find nvidia
    so I'm not quite sure which packages to install.

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    Silly me, I found out it's the nvidia-driver package that I needed to install.
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