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    771 released for community use

    MTeams has voted to release their latest varmacscan for community use.

    An overview of the attack sequence is provided below: After setup operations are robotic in nature:

    Place in root

    chmod 755



    After initial setup by user:

    Scan Phase With Wash

    A wash scan of all targets is first conducted. Any Targets that have had their WPA key extracted are excluded.

    Attack Phase with reaver supported by aireplay-ng and mdk3

    Attack Step 1

    The script looks for any previous WPS pin found and attempts to extract the WPA key from the network-wps pin pair using reaver and pixiedust.

    Attack Step 2

    If the WPA key is not extracted or no previous WPS Pin found, then a standard reaver brute force attack is conducted.

    Attack Step 3

    Reaver attacks the target using default pin 12345670

    Attack stage 4

    Reaver attacks the target using default pin 00000000

    Attack stage 5

    Reaver attacks the target using default pin generated by -W in reaver command line. See reaver --help

    Attack stage 6

    Reaver attacks all targets with default pin as selected by user.

    Reaver moves to next target in sequence

    When all targets are exhausted another wash scan is begun and the automatic cycle continues.

    Network Activators

    Four(4) different Network activators are included using aireplay-ng and mdk3. All four(4) processes are placed within regenerative loops to keep functioning in cases where signal strength is weak and/or the process terminates.


    As MTeams has noted in these forums, if reaver is able to extract the WPS Pin BUT cannot extract the WPA Key then using an older version of airmon-ng solves the problem. During tests the results when using the older version of airmon-ng with kali 2.0 and Kali Rolling were far superior to results when using the airmon-ng found with the kali distro. In WPA key extraction the older version provided a statistical 10 to 1 advantage over the newer version.

    MTeams has therefore embedded an older version of airmon-ng into the varmacscan script. Users are given the option of using the older version or using the version found in the kali distro as required.

    Pixie Dust Manual Extraction

    Reaver log data is written to a single log for each target each cycle and checked for a pixiedust data sequence after every stage. This log can be later brute forced by the user. You can download for kali 1.10A or for kali 2 and 2016. This is available for download in these forums.

    Essidprobe data is written to file for use in brute forcing a WPA handshake with aircrack-ng elcomsoft etc.

    In closing MTeams suggests users run this script anytime the computer is not being used especially during sleep or at night when terrestrial radiation causes low level inversions in the atmosphere trapping the wifi signal in a tight band along the surface thus expanding range and increasing strength.

    You can download thru


    Musket Teams
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    oh goody, a new toy!! Thank you mmusket. I'm still using KL1, and will report back if something wrong, with the usual moaning and complaining.

    Cheers! =]
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    To Quest

    MTeams is down to one functioning k1.10a We have been unable to find sources that function. We tried all the suggestions listed. If you know a method please post in the how tos.

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    I have been tinkering and learning things from team musket for years, thank you so much for everything.
    I would like to contribute to your project with a discovery I made, and perhaps I'm not the first, but I haven't seen this yet.
    Recently (2017), my large cable / isp service has been handing out preconfigured wifi modems from technicolor and arris that broadcast their wifi psk.
    Before attempting to attack a wps, take the broadcast name and the mac address that shows from any wifi scan. That the first half of the broadcast name thru the first letter after the numbers, and add the 4th and 5th characters of the mac, and then the last 2 characters from the broadcat name, all characters in caps, and you will have the psk.
    Ex: bssid= TG1672G92
    Mac= d4:05:98:bf:86:90
    Psk= TG1672GBF8692

    This is my modem, I find this disturbingly simple, but it's here...
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    To Grundlestain

    Thanks for your observations and discovery!

    Reference the broadcast name - is this name part of the default settings and entered automatically by the firmware or is it selected by the user during setup?

    MTeams hopes you will repost this exploit in other forums as well. Possibly soxrok2212, Annarchy or others can give you some ideas on where to post so as to get better community exposure.

    Musket Teams

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    This is the default set that corresponds to the stickers on the device for reference during initial setup, and after a factory reset.
    I was not as clear as I could have been, it is the 4th and 5th octet from the mac, input before the last 2 characters of the broadcast bssid. And all characters should be in capital's.
    I have been looking for a method of wps pin recovery when psk is known, is there a way to do this without manually logging into the router configuration page? I have been searching but it would seem that this scenario has not been presented, however I would like a simple method of retrieving the pin, in the event of a user changing a password, but not generating a new pin.

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    Reference your question of retrieving the WPS pin when the WPA key is known. When the WPS Reaver site was active MTeams requested this facility. To our knowledge no such exploit exists. You might post your question in the Pixiedust threads. You could of course run a reaver attack and attempt to obtain the WPS pin OR as you point out find a way to access the routers setup pages and just read the WPS pin. MTeams is currently working on a program that works with MKBRUTUS to crack Mikrotek OS routers username/password that only allow x number of pins before stopping. We will post when finished.


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    I have been looking for a method of wps pin recovery when psk is known,
    Not possible.

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