Hi @ all,

I am aware that there are many guides and tutorials on how to install kali linux. However, none of them work for me. So hopefully anybody has an answer.

I am trying to install kali 2016.2 64 bits on my Lenovo yoga 2 pro as dualboot with windows 10 using a bootable pendrive.

I have downloaded the iso from the official kali website and confirmed the SHA1 is correct.
I prepared an empty partition with 30 GB free space.
I switched off UEFI and fast boot.

First I tried using win32 disk imager to prepare the pendrive. However, doing that I ended up getting the "cant mount cd-rom" error. Even "mount /dev/sdb1 /cdrom" did not solve this issue (also unplugging the pendrive did not work).

In a second attempt I used rufus with the "dd option" to prepare the pendrive.
This time it worked and the installation started. However, every time I attempted to install kali the installation process stops with the error "the failing step is install the System" at random percentages.

Any solutions?

Best wishes