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Thread: No external device in iwconfig

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    No external device in iwconfig


    I was working with external wifi dongle Panda PAU05.
    It was working but since 2 days i can't see it in iwconfig,same with TL-WN722N.

    With lsusb i can see my external device.

    When i try any other usb device for music or movies then no problem!
    My host OTG is clean and works.

    Someone can help please?

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    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am having the exact same problem.

    Everything worked perfectly fine on my Nexus 5 with nethunter but now I don't have that device.

    I am currently using an Nvidia Shield tablet running 6.0.1 with nethunter installed. My external device is the Alfa AWUS036NEH, which is the recommended supported device.

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    What is the output when you tybpe airmon-ng start wlan1 ? Try it

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