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Thread: airgeddon, a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks

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    Hi @ea1kt, what are you talking about exactly? which attack with 4 windows? what you are describing are not windows are the order of the actions to take. You can do your own action order choosing options on menus. What you want can be done doing that actions in the precise order.

    @cold iron, what you mean with "mode where it's looking for sites to use" ?? Do you mean standard airodump-ng scanning? ok, airgeddon is using airodump-ng, so using it without using airgeddon is exactly the same. The power of your card is the same and that is not related to airgeddon. The unique difference using airgeddon's airodump-ng is that airgeddon is filtering out the unneeded networks depending of the menu on which you are launching it. For example, if you are on the WEP menu, on the scan only WEP networks will appear. If you are on Handshake capturing menu, only WPA/WPA2 networks will appear, etc. This may cause that inside airgeddon the results of the scan are less but is not true. They are the same but they are filtered in order to be useful.


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    Hi, well I see a big difference between the to client screens, a lot less in the wpa screen and all them are missing are very close which seems odd. The close ones should show better.
    Great program I must say, thanks

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