hi all

when i installed kali OS the display card and the sound driver wasn't working well " can't hear any sound and can't change the brightness" .

so i upgrade kali using "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y " .

after the upgrade finish, while installing process, questions where asked in the terminal and i was answering by yes or no untill installing stuck on when of the questions !

so i restart the OS and after i entered kali the icons were hidden in the deck !

i hovered over the deck and the hover effect wroked "icon names appear in pop out" like it is there, but not showing the icon .

the biggest problem is that when i launch any program including the terminal, the program launch then kali logout immediately !!

i tried setting nouveau.modeset=0 in the grub, but no effect !!

it's really annoying because i was really exciting about trying kali

any help

Additional info :

problems appear while booting into kali :
failed to claim resource 1
paltform device creation failed: -16

i have another operation system "windows 10" installed in the hard disk .

i have dual graphic cards " intel hd 629 and nividia mx920"