Hey everyone,

I'm having a bit of an issue where after installing the nethunter-generic-arm64 and kernel-nethunter-oneplus3-nougat on my oneplus 3t which is stock oxygenOS with android 6.0.1 unrooted
that during installation it shows me an error saying cannot write to /system, writing boot image failed. Which afterwards it happily starts to extract the rootfs instead of halting.

When I first reboot my phone it seems to hang at the splash screen and the screen just turns black.
I've also done the installation with a rooted version of oxygenOS in which I didn't look closely at the screen to realize something was wrong with /system. However when it is rooted, and I install it, it does boot the splash screen of kali entirely but doesn't go any further then that. It displays a red led and then returns a blackscreen.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be that I'm doing wrong?

I wiped my phone and went with a stock image so far so I'm not certain if I still have the recovery.log
I'd reinstall it just to show you the recovery log if I have to....