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Thread: Vault 7 Data How To Released

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    Vault 7 Data How To Released

    Vault 7 data on how agencies hack cell phones, tvs etc has been released. For those that want to stop this intrusion or write programs for industries who want these back doors closed - suggest you refer to this data. See Clif High youtube talks on this subject for more information or reference the data directly

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    I enjoy reading your findings. Don't you think that a patch to fix that backdoor depend on the ROM cell phones and TVs are using?

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    To _defalt

    We are posting here as removing these back doors and then providing these sanitized devices for all levels of user could lead to a cottage industry for people in these forums

    We suggest you listen to Clif High on RMR - Special Broadcast: "V", Bix Weir & Clif High (03/08/2017). The info dealting with Vault 7 starts around minute 12

    Reference your comment and question. ROMs for each device have to be sanitized as well as software etc.

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