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Thread: Wireshark segmentation fault

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    Your all welcome

    I usually use that command every month or 2.

    I run the lite with XFCE in a VM, After a bunch of updates/upgrades I will clone the VM and then 7zip the folder with the current date in the filename just in case I have to roll back. One note about the 7zip file is that it ends up being about half the size of the original but takes about a hour to build but about half an hour to restore on my desktop.

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    This solution does indeed solve the segfault issue. For learning purposes, I tried to give a little more detail as to why the problem occurs in the first place over here . Feedback is definitely appreciated, thanks!

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    Just update
    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by sml156 View Post


    Update with this
    apt clean && apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y dist-upgrade && apt autoclean
    You might have to use apt-get not sure if 4.6 could use apt.
    @ Sml156: thanks so much for your help! (I recently started using kali linux and I did not know what to do to fix the problem segmentation fault)
    Your command line worked for me too, great !

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