I've installed Kali Linux to a Raspberry Pi B+ and all went well until I tried to connect to the Internet.

There wasn't any wireless, so I downloaded (via a wired connection and Iceweazel) 'Compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2' and installed it right up until I got to 'make unload' which the terminal didn't understand and kept stating "command not found". If the Indians are using the same Linux as we are, then why does there's work and mine doesn't.

Now, I'm not a programmer and at 72 I'm afraid my learning capacity is a little limited (I'm installing this by following a video from YouTube made by a guy in India who I can't understand a word he's saying, but I did find his video very helpful.

Can someone shed some light on my predicament as I don't want to be stuck at this stage.

Thanks a lot.