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Thread: Error: no partition was found

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    Error: no partition was found

    Hello, i am new to this forum and to kali itself. So what happened was that i used to bump into some kind of situation that after using kali for 30minutes my both screen displays start to show some kind of stripes(similar to matrix), but the os was funcioning fully, so i thought ok, probably i should install graphics drivers, and thats where i messed up. I tried to install nvidia drivers, i failed miserably, i tried this tutorial . So after blacklisting nouveau kernel when booted to kali my main display wouldnt work, only second display, and when booted to windows, both displays wasnt working, so i tried alot of stuff by fixing that and in the end i thought about formatting partition where kali is installed while actually USING kali, so now i am in grub rescue prompt and dunno what to do, googled, tried some of the tutorials, but after typing 'ls' it only shows me hd0 msdos 1 and 2 and hd1 msdos 1 and 2 but when checked /boot on all of theese it says unknown file system, but when i boot into kali from usb(its not installed, just live boot) i mount my drive and i can access all my files, so i assume my drive is fine, any ideas guys???
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    You have erased the kali filesystem so there is nothing to boot. Grub rescue mode only recognizes ext3 or ext4 filesystem so the error is right. There is no partition found. You have to re-install kali. I wonder how did you format kali while using it. Doesn't it display an error that partition is in use?

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