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Thread: Missing /su in root?

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    Missing /su in root?

    Hey everyone... Apparently I am missing the /su dir. Although I have supersu installed on my phone. I'm trying to setup the nethunter vnc server so I can connect to it locally. But since the su folder is missing in my rootfs it gives me a warning telling me /su/bin/sush is missing (line 7 in xvnc-session). Any idea how this could be possible? Nethunter seems to be running fine so far.

    Edit: I checked with solid file explorer and found out the su directory is indeed in my root directory. However I'm thinking that because it's running the nethunter terminal in a chroot it's not in the chroot... How would I access the /su/bin/sush outside of my chroot?? Can I somehow symlink the su binaries from my phone to my chroot?
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    i am facing the same issue...

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