These are my issues:
  1. The System Recovery option found in the Novo Button Menu just opens GRUB to attempt to launch Kali Linux 2016.2.
  2. The Boot Menu doesn't show there are any Bootable USBs I have in its list. Even one with Kali Linux 2016.2 on it. It is not just not recognizing the USB as bootable, it doesn't represent anything is plugged in at all.
  3. Somehow, Kali Linux is now broken as well. So any help from within an OS on the system is not an option.

My Comedy of Errors
When I installed Linux, I:
  1. Booted from a Bootable Kali USB, ran the LIVE option, and started the app gParted, a Linux option for a disk par***ioner.
  2. Shrunk the par***ion holding my saved data created with windows 10 to accomodate the size and to make room for Kali.
  3. Deleted the other par***ions. ---- I have done this many times, no, there is no way the hidden system recovery par***ion was present and deleted.
  4. Installed Kali As the only OS on my system.
  5. Broke Kali. Easy to do. It doesn't boot.

When I boot Kali from GNU GRUB, it tells me A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2uuid[my uuid].device (Xmins Ys/1min 30s)
Then it times out


I still have the lenovo BIOS, but linux boots from GRUB. My Bios is photographed and attached. But here are a few options that are modified.
  1. USB Legacy [Enabled]
  2. Boot Mode [Legacy Support]
  3. Boot Priority [Legacy First]
  4. USB Boot [Enabled]


How do I re-install/repair ANYTHING!??