My PC doesn't want to boot from the DVD. This is what I did:

1. Downloaded the 64bit ISO
2. Burned it on a DVD, using win10 built in burner (also tried ImgBurn). It did burn the files properly (not just copy the .iso file onto the DVD).
3. Went into my UEFI (aka BIOS) and set the boot order to first try DVD (also tried with Secure Boot disabled).

When I boot the PC (DVD inside), I can hear the DVD spins up, then stops spinning, then nothing, im just keep looking at the logo of my computer maker. No loading msg, no "Please press any key...", nothing just the big white logo. Pressing keys does nothing. I left it for 2 hours, nothing.

My PC:
Intel i7 64bit
Maker: BTO (its a dutch company building custom PCs)

UEFI Screenshot

Anyone experiences this before?
Any suggestions?