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Thread: Nethuner External adapter not found.

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    Question Nethuner External adapter not found.

    Hello everyone i just bougth an external adapter for my Nexus 5x, which has nethunter installed

    if i run ifconfig, i cannot see any wlan1, i´ve tried running ifconfig wlan1 up, and it tells me there´s no interface for wlan1. the adapter dosen´t even light up im using a TL-WN722N. i was told this adapter would just be plug in and go basically.

    Im runing nethunter on 6.0.1 version MMB29K kernel version 3.10.73-ElementalX-N5X-1.16

    I´ve been searching internet all day for solutions and unfortunately no success. so my last solution would be to buy another adapter. but i thought someone might know whats wrong? Would it help to update phone to a later firmware ? and then flush nethunter on it.

    also the cable works i´ve tried with a mouse, and the adapter works aswell it runs fine with my kali linux on pc.

    I´ve also tried apt-get install atheros, to attempt to download the driver which sadly didnt work either. any suggestions?

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    I hab the Same Problem with my S6 Edge. Unfortanty I was Not able to fix it. 😑
    But as a Nexus user you might be lucky!
    There are multiple ways how you can fix it!


    -Reinstall Nethunter
    -Check if the cable works
    -Check if the adapter works

    Other fixes:

    -Try using a OTG-Y cable. That fixes it for some people
    -Try using a different adapter like the one from Alfa. That might also fix it.
    - Try to downgrade to Android 4 (KiKat)
    -Also: Try downgrading to Nethunter 2.0

    This is basically everything. If that does not work, think about buying a used Nexus 5 from eBay, only cost around 75 Dollars. Trust me, there is no other way to fix this.

    Hope I could help! 😀

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