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Thread: OnePlus One Nethunter Install fails

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    Unhappy OnePlus One Nethunter Install fails

    hey guys,

    got a problem with installing nethunter on my oneplus one.
    its bootloader is unlocked, twrp(twrp-3.1.0-0-bacon.img) is installed
    its rooted
    i got a cm13 version (cm13.0-20161205).

    i wipe it, format it, install cm13, everything works fine. it boots without any problem into cm 13.0.

    then i start installing nethunter from twrp (nethunter-oneplus1-lollipop-3.0, zip install from twrp). It doesnt show me that kali install screen some get while installing...

    But after installing it lists me a lot of folders in red, in which it cant read.(install log seen in the pictures)


    right after that i cant boot it. its always the same... i dont know what i m doing wrong...
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    retried it with another cm (cm-13.0-20161224-WEEKLY-bacon) and an older TWRP(twrp-
    Install of cm went well, everything fine, but then again starting nethunter install and getting the error codes of the not found directions... i also made sure the nethunter isnt corrupt. i dont know what to do now ...

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    HI Misc, lets see what we can do. from your screenshots, make sure you charge your phone first. At 17% it about to go into saver mode.
    Second the red errors are let over from the build, ignore them.
    Third, after installing cm 13, double check that you have the developer options and usb debugging enabled.

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    At first thanks for your reply.
    So the red errors are no problems while installing?
    Developer options and use debugging are enabled.

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    i think you have solve your probleme but

    here ,installed TWRP ,

    flash one plus one back to
    and boot ,when android is ready ,reboot on recovery

    and all work fine....
    but no upgrade for lastest update

    i have made another post about updating it ( flashing & )

    but my device ( TL-WN722N ) dont want turn in monitor mode after this .....

    same on

    i have see release for 14.1 ,but not working here.
    released 1st april ,

    i have try : = not working, (the release before nethuter release was been put online )
    + = not working

    same with
    only fail ....

    where report it to nethunter dev ?
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