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Thread: Warning, Alfa wifi adapter keeps connection logs within the adapter

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    Warning, Alfa wifi adapter keeps connection logs within the adapter

    awus036h and maybe others keep connection logs within the adapter, if it was ever confiscated by an authority person thinking you where doing something illegal they could pull out the logs from the wifi device itself, no need for the computer it was used on.

    I used this adapter on my laptop to connect to my own wifi, my friend came over with his laptop and I hooked it up to his laptop, guess what? it connected to my wifi without even entering my password...

    hmm ... if anyone can confirm alfa adapters keep logs within the adapter itself please let me know..

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    I've had an AWUS036H for years, and have not noticed this kind of behavior.

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    Your friend must already have the saved password of your wifi. Use the PC which doesn't know your wifi password.

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