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Thread: Control raspi via vnc secure

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    Control raspi via vnc secure

    Dear community,

    I hope you are well!
    I am doing my first steps with Kali linux. First i installed it on a separate partition which worked fine. But since I also might want to install some programs from github/other sources to play with but whose code of course I cant completely oversee, I decided, that I dont want to have it on my main computer, maybe I am a little paranoid. Therefore I bought a raspberry pi and installed Kali successfully today. Since at home I don't have a screen that I can connect the pi to, i thought about either buying a small hdmi screen like 5 inch from wavemaker or controlling the pi over vnc.
    Now to my question:
    Is it a security risk to connect my main computer with personal data ... to the pi via vnc in case I unknowingly install something that either contains malware or backdoors?

    Im interested in your opinion!


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    Curious about this as well, hopefully someone will reply.

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