I'm having troubles with Kali as of yesterday. I run the most recent version of Kali Linux in dual-boot alongside Win10. As I have to travel each and every day, I use the battery power quite often whilst on the train andsoforth. I'm very careful with the power management of my laptop. Meaning I won't leave the power plugged in when the battery is fully charged or drain the battery too much.

Firstly I thought it might have been a battery problem or powerspike when booting up a program, but this is debunked since at this point I'm writing this post on battery power on Windows 10.

I am able to open, run and put a heavy load on my machine, so it being a hardware problem is not possible.

The weird part is that I have not installed any new software on Kali which may cause this to happen unless something changed when performing the daily apt-get update(upgrade).

When using the power plug there is no issue whatsoever. Does anyone recognise the issue's I'm having?

Non standard software that is installed is as follows:
Jetbrains PhPStorm
Jetbrains IdeaU
Jetbrains pyCharm