i know that top item Kali 64 bit gives the sad face screen when i try following the instructions to make the system work with the amazon cloud.

i tried xfce version and while no sad face screen it either blinks the screen as if it is caught in a loop trying to load the desktop.

i have not tried any of the other versions now wanting to waste more time and bandwidth on something that does not work.

does anyone know of another version that will work or even what version/rolling number that was used to write the instructions? (yes i may have to install old version if i can get cuda to work).

i do know my card geforce 8500 gt does support cuda because i installed the windows version to test the card and the windows version of rainbow crack rcrack cuda gui loads with no complaints of missing cuda.

i am even considering a completely different linux say ubuntu or suse or what ever if the problem is with kali

i am on dell optiplex machine someone threw by the roadside missing hard drive i am not sure of the model number but it is 3.4 ghz 64bit.

thanks for the help