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Thread: Surface Pro USB boot?

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    Question Surface Pro USB boot?

    Has anyone been able to build a bootable USB with Kali? Following the threads and directions, I never get a recognized device when I try and boot. (it just never sees the USB as having an OS).
    I have used the win32disk imager(alone), and also trying the directions to add the efi files after the win32 is done building the USB but I am unable to add the files as Windows can't access the drive.
    I have tried using diskpart first and cleaning the driving, partitioning and formatting first.
    I have also tried disabling secure boot.
    I tried the LinuxLive app and when I started the virtual, I got an error about unsupported processor (i686).
    So I am wondering if the problem is with UEFI, or the Surface Pro has a proc that the build process won't recognize?

  2. To boot, take a look at this thread. This poster seems to found a way for that. To actually install it, may require a bit more tinkering.
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    Need to read about UEFI..You might end up searching the ESP partition, installing the bootloader (grub2) in it and then manage the GPT partition table to add the Debian parition.


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