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Thread: What Android OS Build to Use on Nexus 10 for NetHunter (Manta) Lollipop 3.0

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    What Android OS Build to Use on Nexus 10 for NetHunter (Manta) Lollipop 3.0

    Hello, I'm trying to get NetHunter working for Nexus 10. We want to use it as a prize giveaway for an event being held two days from now on the 13th. I have primarily consulted these two guides: and I've put in over 16 hours of research and I'm running out of time. Here's what's happening:
    1. I root the tablet
    2. I push the nethunter zip
    3. I install NetHunter
    4. The installation finishes, and the system reboots

    All that works just fine and matches exactly what I read in the guides, regardless of what method I choose. But at this point, one of two things happen:
    1. For earlier Android OS Builds (in the 4.* range), it never boots, just "Google" and an unlock icon
    2. For later Builds, it boots fine, but there is absolutely no change to the stock OS (no tools, no Kali launcher, no terminal)

    Because of those two outcomes, I have nothing in the way of logs or command outputs to share.

    Now you may be wondering, "Why would he be trying it on multiple builds?" Good question. See, I inherited this project from someone else, and they don't remember what build they started with. (Nor did they have a backup made) I'm essentially working with a blank slate here. I also noticed that the support for Nexus and NetHunter barely ever mention Nexus10. It's almost always 5, 7, or OnePlus1. Those that do mention the 10 are barely ever responded to, and the problems don't match mine in the slightest. I'm at a brick wall at this point.

    What I've tried:
    Wikipedia said the Nexus shipped with Android 4.2, so I tried NetHunter on that and got the unending Google screen. It also said it can be upgraded to 5.1. Tried NetHunter on that, and got the unchanged stock-OS with no sign of Kali whatsoever (apart from the custom boot screen). I've now been iterating through each available build. I've only ever got one of those two results. I've tried about 8 now. I don't have time to try all the other builds; each run through takes about an hour. Some sources say the first boot takes up to 20 minutes, and others say you need a full power down first before a the first boot, so I'm having it sit there useless for up to 40 minutes just to rule out those possibilities. Also I'd like to try NetHunter 2.0 if that exists anymore, but I can't find any download source for that.

    My main question(s):
    Does anyone actually have a working Nexus 10 that's running NetHunter? If so, could you tell me what build your Android OS is running? And what NetHunter version are you running? Did you use the Nexus Root Toolkit? TWRP? SDK and command prompt?

    If I can't get this running in the next 24 hours, I'll have to tell my manager that the Nexus 10 just isn't compatible with NetHunter and we'll have to change the prize offering. It's not going to be fun because there will be a lot of attendees who expected it and I'll have to tell them all the long boring story of how I tried everything and had to scrap it due to insufficient documentation and community support. (But most frustrating is just that I'll have to give up; I hate giving up)

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    the wiki says 5.1.1 but i have tried a lot of stuff without getting every thing to work.

    what did you use instead for your contest?

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    Thanks for the reply donThomaso! We had to change the prize to just a stock Nexus 10 and remove the option to install NetHunter on it. Fortunately though, the winner ended up being someone that had never used a Linux system before so he didn't care.

    Thanks again for looking into it. I had started with 5.1.1, but there was no visible difference after installation (save for the Kali Load-Up Animation). I've been reassigned to other more immediate tasks, so the tablet is now just collecting dust in our server room. If you (or anyone else) figures out a solution however, I could dig it back up and try it. It never sits well with me leaving something unfinished.

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