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Thread: kali sana iso?

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    kali sana iso?

    Where can we get the newest sana iso just before rolling began?

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    Is kali rolling incompatible with your hardware?

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    yes i encountered the audio issue (easy fix), and mouse/touch pad issue (still being observed - need to try mate and lxde to see if it looks like a gnome-kali-rolling issue), and also kali-rolling gnome-nautilus directory location copy issue (likely mate-kali-rolling issue - still need to check... ). small issues - some with seemingly simple solutions (but we know often work-arounds cause unintended consequences) sure all buggies will be worked out in time and I will keep kali2.2 rolling for testing and use with package updates no longer matching sana-old. but need to work and too many bugs still in rolling to work effectively - considering using debian and installing packages i need most - but thats another discussion

    I actually like the idea of rolling and hope the offensive security guys keep this new aspect in kali from now on.
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