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Thread: NEED DEVS! wifite is outdated & needs to be replaced

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    NEED DEVS! wifite is outdated & need mainteinance

    Hi there!

    wifite got so much problems these days, because of the tools it supported before have been updated/changed.. it does NOT have "wash" implementation so wps scanning is way off and some libraries are missing.. (tshark & reaver changed some parameters, making wifite hang)

    The maintainer derv82 is nowhere to be seen for some time, but we did some work on it

    A fully working fork from derv82 is to be found @

    - pingen attack implemented
    - pixie dust (pixiewps) attack included
    - macchanger patched

    But to maintain this tool in the future, we need your help too take a look around the code & todo list and we'll be happy to receive future request/additions you may have.

    Thanks to "binkybear", "brianclemens" and all other listed in the for making "wifite" work again. And of course to "derv82" for making this tool in the first place (",)

    The original source, by the developer "derv82" is to be found @

    Cheers peeps!
    -- Christian <kimocoder> B.
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    This sounds like a great idea. I love the way wifite works. Obviously the component tools it uses can be driven independently to achieve the same results. But man is (was) it nice to have essentially one command to do everything at once.

    Privately I've hacked on my own latest copy of wifite (fix interface MAC parsing, tshark issue, wash args, etc). But I feel like it's all very fragile and needs a solid-redo while preserving the original structure of how wifite worked. I'm not solid enough in python (I'm a more of a perl old timer, and not a very good one...) to really contribute though.

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