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Thread: New versions of Kali weekly image is not being mounted using ISO method by rufus

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    New versions of Kali weekly image are no longer mounted using ISO mode by rufus

    I don't know what changes offensive security has made with kali weekly image. From kali linux weekly image Week 15 onwards if you try to create bootable USB using rufus, rufus can't create bootable USB using ISO mode. It automatically chooses DD method and you can't force it to use ISO mode. Now if you proceed to use DD method it divides your USB into 3 partitions. One with the kali image mounted in and other 2 are unnecessary.

    The problem is not only this. Because of DD method rufus chooses MBR partition scheme for UEFI instead of choosing GPT partition scheme for UEFI. I prefer GPT partition which now i can't.

    That's not the problem with rufus because that same version of rufus i was using it for Week 14 and earlier kali images and they were successfully mounted using ISO method under GPT partition scheme for UEFI. Now I've to combine those 2 unnecessary partitions. You can try this and i'm sure you will see the same result. I hope things get back as they were for kali week 14 and earlier images. This DD method really sucks. There were other users also who were reporting that their USB is partitioned into 3 drives when they create bootable image. It's because of this useless DD method. Here is the screenshot of rufus selecting DD for week 16 image.

    Edit: Now they are releasing pure DD image. This is causing the problwm. Earlier they were making ISO hybrid image. I'm against these kind if changes.

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