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Thread: Kali Linux on ASUS Tinker Board

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    Question Kali Linux on ASUS Tinker Board

    When I read the specs of the ASUS Tinker Board I was pleasantly surprised; it had gigabit ethernet, 2 gigabytes of RAM, a 2GHz CPU, and it had onboard wifi (I detest the little dongles which take up usb boards). I unfortunately realized soon enough that it has a terrible community (i.e. not many oses and terrible support). I really would like to put kali on this machine and although I am a noob at custom os-ing I was wondering if this would be really hard to do. Also, I realized that the ASUS Tinker Board has the exact same specs as the ASUS FLIP Chromebook (basic model): same CPU (and clockspeed), same GPU (and same clockspeed), and same RAM amount and type. Would the Kali image for the ASUS FLIP Chromebook be compatible with the Tinker Board by some friggin' miracle or is that too much to hope for?

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    I picked up a Tinkerboard over the weekend and tried the Kali ARM image on it. Doesn't boot.

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