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Thread: Kali Linux as a Final Project

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    Kali Linux as a Final Project

    Hello guys,
    I have been working with Kali for 4 months now and it's still interesting for me. Now I am thinking about to do something with Kali as a final project next year. But my problem is to decide what is really the best to do with Kali for this use. It is a 40 hour project which would include documentation (about 8-10 hours), building a test area, making a conception and a conclusion. At the end there are about 10-12 hours for tests with Kali. So i can't go too far into detail. What do you think is useful for this kind of project?

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    Social Engineering would be the subject i would focus on, for ease. lol Secondary would be wifi attacks, and password attacks, or i'd swap wifi/password out with forensics. Idk just an idea.

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    Examples to show the importance of choosing a really good password!! So many internet providers give out routers with easy to crack default passwords, especially if you know how to create a good password list aimed at the certain pattern they use. Also so many people use passwords that a simple password list can find! If you have a cheap gaming computer then lots of the passwords and hashes can be found quickly.

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    I would write an article on how WPA2-PSK dictionary attack works. It only appears that you pick words from the file and start attempting but something different happens behind the screen. The wordlist you use to hack password is not really used as whole. It is only used to fill the gaps in the handshake.

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