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Thread: Cant connect to the web when using crontab and macchanger

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    Cant connect to the web when using crontab and macchanger

    hey kali community !

    ive recently started participating in the 15hour hacking beginners course on youtube and im having a great time.slowly im getting used to the linux environment and the functions.

    Now to my problem : in the mac-adress-chapter of the course,the teacher advises using "crontab -e" and setting following boot script in order to always use a random mac adress on startup: "@reboot macchanger -r eth0".So i open the textfile via nano,edit in the said line at the bottom and ctrl+o it.After that,i reboot. Now heres the strange part : when I use "macchanger -r eth0" in the terminal without the cron boot sequence,my mac changes and my connection still works. But when i use the automated script via crontab and reboot,my browser wont connect to the web and in the top right it tells me that "wired" is not connected.

    Im using the newest and updated kali linux in virtualbox. If theres any more information i could provide you with regarding the problem i'll gladly do that !

    (english is not my native language btw,so please excuse any mistakes )

    P.S. : Ive already tried this solution,but it gave me the same error :
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