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Thread: !Possible Download Link Corruption!

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    !Possible Download Link Corruption!

    Offensive Security Staff,

    I wanted to make you aware of a possible threat that I encountered today while attempting to download the latest .iso. My firewall blocked the download about halfway through due to an alleged embedded exploit. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this yet, but I wanted to inform everyone to be on the alert. If this is a known issue, then please disregard. Otherwise, please look into the issue so that the threat can be eliminated. I'll try to capture a screenshot, but I am currently unable to access the download link and recreate the issue.

    This has been a public service announcement from an average, everyday IT professional.

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    What was the threat message. When I downloaded it I never get one. You should let the downloading to complete and then verify its checksum to make sure someone is not tampering with it.

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