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    Kali Linux SHA-256 Hashes

    Make sure you download from an official Kali Linux mirror.
    For more information see the documentation.

    The latest hashes can be found here:
    These are all SHA-256 hashes.

    Kali Linux Rolling 2021.4a
    31a21157378380e2c33b1cee39c303141b3f3c658fde457a545eb948094fab14  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-amd64.iso
    b5dc3fd28286cdd1dc6b7af85f4768d1011f63e11165209e2f483a3a12d7aef6  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-arm64.iso
    19b253883d16538a7ac569b1b6b20430bc9561819b89b446aa38c32663f951a5  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-i386.iso
    e5915d309d2e7ec18edba03e9bcabd1a205fbbfca18c67ffdf5f89f8a60fa313  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-netinst-amd64.iso
    11be3c56f7f69fc37a37576083bfdea04397f7e9891a16430d3be82ebc6074d8  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-netinst-arm64.iso
    873906523d4e4e5afcd89cf825b8a16a989bd994c3ac2ba5deeb5289f0a6f849  kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-netinst-i386.iso
    4a9bf6623811c55e40f2691a53bfa33863cea18bd9a9c956cbd2e38fc799dd16  kali-linux-2021.4a-live-amd64.iso
    ff71039a38a5fe7890b4485a2d6fac3c5f1889be050c4fd437ef2d5cc1f905c9  kali-linux-2021.4a-live-arm64.iso
    268821ed989f5036c3d739ffd2303240b921109f2d500a8e44d43282b830cb2b  kali-linux-2021.4a-live-i386.iso
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