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Thread: Configuration script for kali linux

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    Configuration script for kali linux

    Hi, I want a script to configure Kali Linux. As I haven't found any I will write down what I want it to do and I'll try to do what I can and I'll ask if I get stuck. If you know of a configuration script that does what I want please let me know.
    - Prompt to create a new non-root user.
    - Change key repeat speed.
    - Install dotfiles configuration for both root and non root. Better yet make a global installation so if I add a user later will have the same vim configuration.
    - Install a theme so it doesn't appear I'm using kali linux. I really like this themes which you can search in youtube:
    Best theme for kali linux || Huge Customization of kali linux - YouTube
    Custom Kali Linux KDE Ghost Theme!
    How to make Kali Linux look like Mac
    Kali Linux 2016.2 with Mac OS X Theme

    - [Done] Check if running in a virtual machine and install guest additions, (dkms kernel too?).
    - [Done] Change settings like blocking screen.

    I'll have the script here.
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    Hey there

    OK, with the risk of posing a stupid question. Why as a post install script ?
    Why not simply make a custom Kali to begin with.

    Adding an ordinary user, setting themes, installing software and so on, is sooo much easier done with a custom Iso.
    I know it might not be as flexible, but for a more flexible install (i.e. diffrent machines), i'm thinking tasksel scripting coupled with the standard installer.

    just my thought..


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