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Thread: running out storage on root Partition

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    Exclamation running out storage on root Partition

    Hello Fellow kali Users
    After using my dual booted for some months am facing some storage
    problems as y root (/) partition has very less storage left and my Home (/home) partition has atleast 219 GB
    free storage for more clear view i have attached the img down

    Screenshot from 2017-05-05 20-48-19.jpg

    so my qus is that can i increase my root partition by decreasing my home partition
    and how can i do that & can i shrink my home partition to a size of 20 gb atleast

    things that i have tried

    tried live booting gparted disc to increase the root partition but it didn't worked

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    Why it didn't work with live gparted? Any errors? That's why i recommend All files in one partition, easier to shrink and extend storage.

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    when i tried with live gparted its says you cant unmount root partition and even its not letteing decrease or increase my root partition

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    Hi, I don't know much but interestingly I did exactly this earlier this evening.

    You have to run kali from a live usb, then run gparted. I followed this tutorial - - just scroll down to where he gets to the GUI after the CLI. It all kinda makes sense from there even tho he's using a much older version of gparted than we have.

    It gave me some scary messages but I thought meh and did it anyway and everything worked out fine, no issues at all.

    I removed my USB stick before shutting down the system tho and it went bananas - I'd say power the thing off, remove stick, power back up, if you want to avoid a heart attack.

    Hope this helps, this is only my 2nd post here, would be cool if I could actually contribute something to someone as I think a lot of the time i'm going to be the one asking the questions instead of answering them...!

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    thanks man ill try

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