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Thread: Dual booting Kali/Win10 - 4 primary partitions already taken

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    Here is what I got for your previous inquiries, _defalt...

    1) "Boot to Kali live and run mount /dev/sda4 /mnt."
    root@kali:~# mount /dev/sda4 /mnt
    mount: special device /dev/sda4 does not exist
    root@kali:~# mount /dev/sda4
    mount: can't find /dev/sda4 in /etc/fstab
    ... Then is when I noticed that the usb was seen as /dev/sdb4...
    root@kali:~# mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt

    2) "Then go to the /mnt folder and see what it has."
    When I navigate to: Places > Computer > mnt, I see 4 items in that directory:
    > Hewlett-Packard
    ... [There's a link to a screenshot that was uploaded to Imgur towards the bottom of this post, in step3]...
    = And going a level deeper, I see:
    The contents of .../mnt/$RECYCLE.BIN:

    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard:
    > BIOS
    > BIOSUpdate
    > SystemDiags

    = And going a level deeper, I see:
    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/BIOS:
    > Current
    > New
    > Previous

    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/BIOSUpdate:

    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/SystemDiags:

    = And going a level deeper, I see:
    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/Current:

    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New:
    [empty] - (I don't think there are any hidden files or folders in here, but I may have just not known how to look correctly).

    The contents of .../mnt/Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/Previous:

    3) "Also upload the screenshot of its contents." A link to the screenshot of /mnt's contents, on Imgur is:

    === === === ===

    @ BigLoser - I can see myself doing that in the future, but I still have to keep a Win OS available for now so that I can continue to mess around with certain things. If I get lucky and acquire an additional computer, I may just have Win10 on one and Kali on the other. A setup like that is still too far out from where I am now (I haven't gotten around to thinking about it much yet).
    But, I want to get past this dual boot issue first, just so that I'm familiar with and can then better follow along with other's questions and maybe answer them.

    === === === ===

    I got a chance to try booting an older WinXP machine to a bootable 32bit Kali Live USB yesterday, but it froze after the boot screen. First, I went into the BIOS and changed the boot order to all USB options (I believe there were four of them), because it would always boot to Windows when the HDD option was present in there. Then I changed the order of the other boot priority to have the USB above the HDD. And then the machine seemed to boot fine to the USB. It reached the first boot screen and I chose the option to boot to USB with persistence, like I always do. Then it froze about 1-2 minutes on another splash-type screen with a message:
    "Loading /live/vmlinuz... ok"
    "Loading /live/initrd.img..."

    I had enough time to try it twice... first booting with the live usb option, and then again with just the live option, but I got the same results each time.

    I haven't really had a chance to search for any clues as to what might be the problem there. The WinXP machine that I tried booting to the Kali USB on was of a 32bit architecture. I guess maybe the hardware (or the OS) might just be too old. I may try to make bootable USBs of a couple of older versions of Linux to see if that works. I dunno yet.
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    HP tools is turned out to be the most important partition. It contains images of BIOS recovery. In case of BIOS failure you can recover your current BIOS again without flashing it again with USB. You can also downgarade the BIOS version if BIOS update fails to install. Don't touch this partition.

    You have 2 options:
    1)Using EaseUS partition manager you cam convert MBR into GPT without any loss of data. It updates your partition scheme.
    2)Though the 1st option is better yet you can also clone your Recovery partiton in your external hard disk and then use that partition for kali. For cloning the partition you can use EaseUs partition manager.

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