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Thread: dual boot, nvidia, grub, boot failure...tears have been shed

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    dual boot, nvidia, grub, boot failure...tears have been shed

    • Brand new laptop with with 1070 gpu
    • windows on latest version
    • Kali KDE on to a usb 3.0 made by Rufus (tried unetbootin on my 15th trial but went back to Rufus again)
    • installed Kali through install graphical, did all of the partitions, and all of that perfectly and it install just fine
    • system would just boot into windows, forced to into kali partition and Grub would show up (oh Grub...)
    • Tried re-downloading Kali and different versions of it...all failed
    • tried burning each one by using different setting on Rufus (MBR, GPT, and all)...would boot into grub still
    • Tried booting into live system to fix grub...failed...flashing screen...couldnt' read any of it...finally took picture of it...googled's **** you Nvidia gpu town error
    • disabeled Nvidia GPU...boot installed again...during Grub update ...freezes. ****!
    • google google google, youtube youtube youtube, hours on hours on hours, depression depression depression,
    • booted into live system and followed instructions to reinstall grub and all went fine.
    • failed this point considering going out samurai style due to my failure
    • at this point of rethinking my life I tried to boot into the installed kali and now i get a new error (progress?) ...they are attached as images below

    Can't upload pictures sooo...

    What am I doing wrong? I check the Key as's a legit Kali.

    Try to turn on Nvidia GPU, install, turn off Nvidia GPU, and try to boot into?
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