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Thread: dual boot, nvidia, grub, boot failure...tears have been shed

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    dual boot, nvidia, grub, boot failure...tears have been shed

    • Brand new laptop with with 1070 gpu
    • windows on latest version
    • Kali KDE on to a usb 3.0 made by Rufus (tried unetbootin on my 15th trial but went back to Rufus again)
    • installed Kali through install graphical, did all of the partitions, and all of that perfectly and it install just fine
    • system would just boot into windows, forced to into kali partition and Grub would show up (oh Grub...)
    • Tried re-downloading Kali and different versions of it...all failed
    • tried burning each one by using different setting on Rufus (MBR, GPT, and all)...would boot into grub still
    • Tried booting into live system to fix grub...failed...flashing screen...couldnt' read any of it...finally took picture of it...googled's **** you Nvidia gpu town error
    • disabeled Nvidia GPU...boot installed again...during Grub update ...freezes. ****!
    • google google google, youtube youtube youtube, hours on hours on hours, depression depression depression,
    • booted into live system and followed instructions to reinstall grub and all went fine.
    • failed this point considering going out samurai style due to my failure
    • at this point of rethinking my life I tried to boot into the installed kali and now i get a new error (progress?) ...they are attached as images below

    Can't upload pictures sooo...

    What am I doing wrong? I check the Key as's a legit Kali.

    Try to turn on Nvidia GPU, install, turn off Nvidia GPU, and try to boot into?
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    Solution: Wipe that partition, burn files to usb with Rufus, install with nvidia GPU on. After installation done, boot to windows, turn off you nvidia GPU and use intel's gpu and then reboot into Kali linux.

    From their install all of the drivers and then you can turn on your Nvidia GPU. After installing Nvidia's drivers you are not able to boot into Kali linux with only your intel's GPU running.

    Next problem: after install Nvidia's drivers kali's 4k dual screen display becomes terrible. Tools bars are MASSIVE. But when I was just running on intel's gpu it was running perfectly fine and very crips.

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    Follow this guide to install Nvidia drivers:

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