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Thread: Nethunter - a few general questions

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    Nethunter - a few general questions

    Hello everyone,

    a few general questions to Kali Nethunter which I couldn't answer myself any other way and for my general understanding:

    To begin with - what is Nethunter from a software point of view?
    I did some research and implied by various installation-tutorials - eg. here - Nethunter itself is not another custom Android-ROM but a bunch of tools and scripts to build on top of an already operational Android. Did I get this right?
    If yes, how in general does Nethunter alter my existing Android Setup, and what is shipped with Nethunter besides the Kali tools? A different kernel? Alternate drivers for hardware, etc?
    How do I adress Nethunter once installed? Do I have to chroot into it (like LinuxDeploy for example) for everything I want to do with it or does it more like snap into my setup?

    I'm thankful for every hint!

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    custom kernel that supports packet injection and usb attacks. you have chroot and a Nethunter app, Nethunter terminal and a few other apps.

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