Hi guys,

I've been using Kali Linux for a long time, but yesterday, I went on my Windows OS, and installed ext2fsd to read a disk in ext4. All went well but then when I boot up to Kali linux again, superblock problem. I went on a USB LIVE session and did a fsck -y on my kali linux partition.
(My var and opt folder are on another disk but mounted under /var and /opt)
Then i tried to apt update but it said that there was an error, and I did a fsck -y on my var partition.
And now there are some files left but I still cannot do a simple apt-get update
"flAbsPath on /var/lib/dpkg/status failed - realpath"
I tried to reinstall dpkg but I can't.. When I do a apt-get upgrade, it asks me, the root, if I have the permissions
So how I could fix it ? By reinstalling just the /var partition (I don't know how .. ), by coping another var partition ?
Thank you for your answers !