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Thread: Oneplus one install on cm13 by sultan?

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    Oneplus one install on cm13 by sultan?

    Hello hackers and devs, this my firt thread.

    I wanted to known if cm13 by sultan is working with nethunter nightly builds?

    What's your opinion?
    I gona encounter some bugs?

    I like cm13 but i like more having the latest security updates.

    I'm waiting for yours options (-:
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    Nah, it won't work at all. You can, however, port it yourself.

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    Thank you Phreya for your reply.
    I suspected that not working because is dirty flash...

    My question know is cm13 don't get security update, can i make my self this security updates and port?
    I like cm13 pure but in the Last mount some wifi antennas have security issues ...
    And at this time lineage os is not stable ...
    Cm13 is very stable and the xposed framework work well with nethunter (-:

    I really need to start developed the nethunter 8-)

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