Hola everyone! Has anyone messed with MultiROM?

Iím on an OPO, and I managed to get NH, MultiROM and CM as a secondary rom installed just fine. Everything works, and I can boot into CM no problem.

The first issue is that settings hang when I try to enable dev options. This XDA discussion thread says thereís a MultiROM bug that freezes developer options and that I should use the beta version of MultiROM.

1) What version of MultiROM is the beta? I'm using V33e right now.
2) I'm assuming that I use the MultiROM uninstaller to get the existing MultiROM out of there, correct?

Send issue is that everything works well on this setup UNTIL I boot into NH. Then, when I reboot into the secondary ROM, the boot hangs at the boot screen. I've seen this behavior on both CM and Lineage 14.1 as the secondary ROM so it seems like it might be MultiROM that's the problem. Anyone agree/disagree with that?

Hereís are the base load files I used.

This isn't my primary project right now, so I didn't want to spend a lot of time whacking MultiROM and fiddling too much if someone else has figured this out already.

This is a great way to have NH and a daily use device without too much headache, so I'd like to get it running and documented.

Thanks everyone!