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Thread: Recording recon-ng resource script

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    Recording recon-ng resource script

    The record command in recon-ng, as instructed in the docs, says it's recording but a file is never produced. To reproduce:

    [recon-ng][default] > record start testfile[*] Recording commands to 'testfile'.
    [recon-ng][default] > workspaces add test
    [recon-ng][test] > record stop[*] Recording stopped. Commands saved to 'testfile'.
    [recon-ng][test] > exit

    The file "testfile" named in the record command is not present on disk anywhere. I ran through several recon modules and the commands are never saved to the resource file.

    Kali is 2017.1 and current as of today via apt-get dist-upgrade. Tested on a local VM as well as on an ec2 machine, both operate the same way. recon-ng is version 4.9.1

    I Googled for this and looked through the recon-ng Wiki and did not find anything.

    Version 4.8.3 on my Mac works and produces a file with the contents:
    workspaces list
    workspaces select test
    show hosts
    record stop

    Is this an issue with recon-ng on Kali or is it a problem with recon-ng all over? If the latter, I'll report to the recon-ng people.

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    I was able to record a command successfully. I didn't use the workspaces command, though. It placed the recorded file in /usr/share/recon-ng.

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