I originally tried to install Kali on a Raspberry Pi (It's a version of Kali made for the Raspberry Pi), and ended up removing it because of the poor boot time as well as every time I updated it, it would end up corrupting the whole version of Kali. So I ended up installing Raspbian (a version of Debian) on it instead, and then put some of Kali's tools on it and they all work perfectly except one, Aircrack-ng.

Aircrack-ng works perfectly on my Rasp Pi except when it comes to intercepting handshakes. I have an Alfa card that I have used on two other computers (with Kali on them) and I have successfully intercepted handshakes with both computers.

I have successfully: Deauthorized my laptop and phone, ran monitor mode, and scanned different channels, with my Raspberry Pi. As I said before the only thing I have been unable to do with it is capture a handshake with it. I know that the distance isn't an issue as I'm sitting it right next to the router, and I know it's not the wifi card because I've used it on other computers. I have no idea where to start looking for the issue so I thought I might as well try posting here.

Here is a link to the Alfa card I am currently using